I.I.I. (Informative Items of Interest)

Believe, Live, Share    
Did you know that we have an Organized Group of Members that in your time of need, such as a funeral for a loved one, are here to help you?  This group is called
“Helping Hands”.
     There are 6 groups of “Helping Hands”, that rotate their time to help.  Each group
has approximately 27 to 30 married couples or single households at your ready to help
with the meal after a funeral.
     If you are a Member of Trinity Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, Ortonville, MN. and you don’t know if you are on a list, please call the church office, 320-839-3422 or stop in to pick up a book or ask the secretary for one.
Rita Grim
Website Administrator
Church Secretary, offsite