Officers & Board Members

Board of Elders:
Jeff Jensen – Chairman
David Meyer – Secretary
Peter Steinke
Troy Kuechenmeister
Myron Mueller
Ron Thompson

With the LORD’S  guidance, through prayer and intercession,  it is the mission of the Elders to oversee the spiritual and social welfare of the congregants and pastor; oversee that the Divine Service and Sacraments are administered in an orderly fashion; and through appropriate behavior and conversation be an example of Christian conduct.

Church Officers:
Dave McLaughlin – Chairman
Duane Hillman – Vice-Chairman
Ashley Berger – Secretary
Kim Kuechenmeister – Treasurer
Betty Reinke – Financial Secretary

Board of Stewardship:
Gary Voegtli – Chairman
Becky Block
Larry Benkowski

Our board helps the church in the following ways:

  • Discover and encourage the use of members’ talents in the work of the congregation.
  • Consider, plan and direct a Gospel motivated stewardship education for the congregation.
  • Provide education in the grace of proportionate giving for God’s work in our congregation and Synod.
  • Facilitate an annual budget.
  • Evaluate gifts offered by the congregation.
  • Inform the congregation of our opportunities to reach out into the world through District and Synod Missions.
  • Plan an annual Mission Sunday in the congregation for the purpose of world mission education.

Board of Evangelism:
Greg Streich – Chairman
Jeff Conrad
Fawna Berger

The purpose of the Board of Evangelism is to reach out to church and community members with the message of salvation by Grace through faith in Christ.  These are some of the ways we reach out to members and our community:

  • A booth at Lakeside Park during Ortonville’s  annual Cornfest  Event.
  • A parade unit that we enter at Ortonville’s annual Cornfest Event.
  • A booth set up at the annual Sports and Leisure Show.
  • A booth set up at the annual Big Stone County Fair in Clinton, MN.
  • We put many tracts and other information out to the community at these events and they are also located in the church entryway.

Board of Education:
Erick Klepel – Chairman
Brittany Heck
Gabe Berger

The Board of Education meets on a monthly basis and it carries out the principal role of liaison between the congregation and the needed requirements set forth by Trinity Lutheran.  These opportunities in the Christian Educational field are designed to further enhance Christian learning and to provide a solid foundation of God’s Word in the members of Trinity Lutheran.  As members of God’s invisible church here on earth we are called to “sanctify the Lord God in your hearts:  and be ready always to give an answer to every  man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:  1 Peter 3:5”

It is with this role in mind that the Board of Education moves to organize, manage and supervise educational activities – all done with the abiding consent of the Voter’s Assembly.

Board of Trustees:
Ed Vollmer – Chairman
Joshua Berger
Ron Schumacher

  • Make contracts and loans
  • Receive grants and bequests
  • Sign contracts
  • Annual inspection of the church, parsonage, equipment and recommend to Voters’ Assembly needed repairs, improvements, or replacements.  Check all property for fire and other hazards twice a year.
  • Conduct annual inventory of all church properties and include acquisition and approximate value of each item.
  • Hire custodial help and property  manager, annually review job descriptions and salaries.
  • Determine regulations of use of church property and equipment, including policies and fees
  • Supervise the orderly maintenance of all property and equipment.
  • Annually check adequacy of all insurance for church property and equipment and negotiate insurance contracts.
  • Enlist work crews for special repairs, arrange for immediate repairs for which budget and funds have been allocated, obtain legal information for consideration of contracts, deed, and the like.