Pastor’s Corner

Tidings of Trinity
July 2021

  The Parable of “The Weeds in the Wheat”
(Matthew 13:24-30)

Dear Friends in Christ,

It’s an unfortunate fact that many who consider themselves Christians don’t believe in a real, personally-existing devil or satan. Some Christians, in the hopes of making God’s story easier to understand or digest have convinced themselves that it’s just best to ignore and not talk about satan.

But, Jesus meets the person of satan head-on in the parable of the weeds in the wheat. the point of this story is that satan, the enemy of god, inserts himself into the lives and times of His (God’s) people. The evil one, satan, is the weedy, undesirable interference Jesus speaks of here. This enemy wants to destroy all things that God has said and done.

There IS good news here in this parable! The good news is that satan is a defeated enemy. Jesus withstood all of satan’s temptations as He fought him in the wilderness for 40 days. God’s Holy Spirit credits Jesus’ perfect defeat of satan to us, through faith.

Later, in the Garden of Gethsemane, on the night when He was betrayed by Judas, Jesus did battle with satan again. The evil enemy of Jesus told Him that He (Jesus) could escape. Satan told Jesus to cut and run from the unfair punishment that was waiting.

Jesus did nothing of the sort. Again, Jesus withstood satan’s temptation. Again, God credited Jesus’ perfection to any and all who believe His promise. Temptation is the weedy enemy that satan throws your way. But Jesus has overcome it. His life is credited to us (and all Christians) so that we can be gathered for Eternal Life with the other healthy wheat (believers). The devil is a real enemy. The evil one is a spiritual enemy. Most importantly, satan is a defeated enemy. This is the message of the parable of The Weeds In The Wheat.

Your Pastor and friend in Jesus, who defeated satan for us.

Dennis B. O’Neill