Pastor’s Corner

Tidings of Trinity
June 2020

“Before Abraham was, I AM.”

Our election process is in full swing. Candidates are making claims and promises. Imagine if one of our Presidential candidates would say: “I’m so smart and capable that I’m going to make you forget about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln!” We would reject a claim like that. We’d call it delusional. We’d call it crazy.

For the ancient Israelites, Abraham was their greatest hero. He was the father of their country, the father of their race. No one in all their national history was worthy of more honor and praise than Abraham.

But then, along comes Jesus – and He says; “Before Abraham existed… I AM.” If there were any Pharisees who were inclined to give Jesus a hearing before this – they were lost now. They were furious. “What nerve!” they said. “What arrogance!” they fumed. “This carpenter’s kid claims he’s greater than Abraham! We can’t let those words stand!” So, the Pharisees attacked Jesus with more fury, and began active plans to kill Him.

What was Jesus saying with those words: “Before Abraham was, I AM?” He was telling the Pharisees (and anyone else who would listen fairly) that He was eternal. Without beginning. Without end.

Jesus was the great I AM – even before Abraham.

Your Pastor and friend,

Dennis B O’Neill


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ at Trinity;

By the time you receive this newsletter, it is quite likely that Trinity’s Elders will have already met with several other committee members to address our church’s plan – going forward after the many weeks of being shut down during the COVID19 pandemic. This meeting will be held on Monday, June 1st at 7 P.M. Those in attendance will be asked for advice – and their assigned tasks to facilitate our church’s re-opening for worship at a later date. You should know that the following topics (and in all likelihood, other topics, as well) will be discussed:

  • Multiple services (to keep attendance limited at each time).
  • Cleaning and sanitizing needs for our church.
  • Protocols and procedures for seating during worship.
  • The celebration of Holy Communion.
  • Bible classes.
  • The serving of coffee and rolls at Bible classes.

All of these topics – and more – will need to be addressed. If you’ve been asked to join us for this June 1st meeting, please make every attempt to attend. For the rest of us, we ask for your prayers and patience as we move forward.

Your Pastor and friend,

Dennis B. O’Neill