Pastor’s Corner

Tidings of Trinity
May 2022

  A Final Word . . . (Actually, six Final Words!)”

Dear Friends in Christ,

As Janet and I reflect on our more than ten years here at Trinity, many thoughts come to mind. Among these are the privilege, honor and blessings of:

1. Baptizing your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
2. Instructing your young people in the chief parts of the Lutheran/Christian faith in Catechism Classes.
3. Instructing adults in the same faith in many Bible classes and adult information classes (which we chose to call “Courses in the Basics of the Bible”).
4. Weddings (indoor and outdoor – in all kinds of weather) when couples began their married lives together with the encouragement of Christ-centered worship services. Giving Janet the privilege of playing the organ and/or piano during these and other services.
5. Leading L.Y.F. Youth Group trips, projects and Bible Studies – all done in the hopes of keeping youth relevantly connected to Christ in an increasingly confusing world.
6. Conducting funerals, in which God’s Word was proclaimed for the purpose of giving hopeful promises of Christ-centered compassion, care and comfort to those who mourned loved ones who died in Christ-centered faith. The message was (and is) a message of victory over tears and sorrow. It was (and is) a message that says, “Because Jesus lives, you will live also!” (John 14:19)

Okay, that was 6 paragraphs, not six words!! (What did you expect from a man who’s spent 42 years talking for a living?) As I think of the privilege, honor and blessings that you’ve given to Janet and to me, to live in your midst for the past 10 years, I want nothing more than for you to remember six words that summarize your (our) relationship to God: BY GRACE . . . THROUGH FAITH . . . IN CHRIST! With Janet by my side, we pray that these words will direct your lives now and always!

Pastor Dennis B. & Janet O’Neill