Pastor’s Corner

Tidings of Trinity
October 2021

  “The Parable of the Woman’s Lost Coin”
(Luke 15:8-10)

Dear Friends of the Good Shepherd,

This month we are looking at a parable in which Jesus relates the story of a woman who “turns her house upside down.” She does this because she is looking for one silver coin. One Coin!! We don’t know the value of that coin. That’s not important. We don’t know if her “10 silver coins” made up her entire life savings. That’s not important either.

What is important is the lengths to which she goes to find this coin. She “turns her home upside down and inside out”, we might say.

This picture shows us how hard our merciful God works to find us and keep us as His people. In this month when we observe Luther’s Reformation, it is fitting as we study this parable to hear Luther say: “God has redeemed me . . . not with silver or gold, but with His holy, precious and innocent blood.” Listen also to Luther explain the Holy Spirit’s work of searching for and finding us: “I believe that I cannot, by my own reason or strength, believe in Jesus, my Lord, or even come to Him. But the Holy Spirit calls and gathers me . . . “

This woman’s work pictures God’s work. He “turns the world upside down and inside out” to have, to protect and to defend you and me! A Blessed Reformation season to all of you!

Your Pastor and friend,

Dennis B. O’Neill