Pastor’s Corner

Tidings of Trinity
May 2021

  The Parable of the Mustard Seed
(Matthew 13:31-32)

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Friends at Trinity,

Have you ever thought about the month of May being “The Month of Holidays”? If you haven’t, consider this: In May, we celebrate Mother’s Day to honor our families; Americans observe memorial Day, to honor our Veterans, who’ve paid the ultimate price to preserve our country’s freedoms; also in May Christians observe Ascension Day (May 13th) and Pentecost (May 23rd). At first glance, the observance of these holidays has nothing to do with our look at Jesus’ parables. But, think for a moment about The Parable of The Mustard Seed, recorded from the words of Jesus by three of the four Gospel historians. The point of the Mustard Seed parable is that God’s Holy Spirit grows faith in the hearts of unworthy, undeserving people. Our Christ-centered faith starts small and grows large (like a mustard seed). Jesus calls the Mustard Tree, the greatest among all herbs, where birds of all kinds can come and make their nests. That’s a wonderful picture of God’s church . . . a place where people of every nation can find hope and forgiveness.

On Pentecost Sunday we remember that God’s Holy Spirit instructed people of all languages to tell the story of Law and Gospel, repentance and forgiveness. On Ascension Day, we are reminded that we are to be God’s witnesses providing a place – – a big Mustard Tree for people to hide from the world’s stress.

The Old Testament Psalm calls God his “hiding place”. On any of the May holidays, we can be happy that we can hide and rest in the branches of The Mustard Herb Tree, or the Body of Believers!

Your Pastor and friend,

Dennis B. O’Neill