Women of Trinity/LWML

PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS FLOW as we celebrate with all the women and men who have generously shared their material blessings so that the LWML can share the love and forgiveness of Christ! The 2019-2021 Mission Goal of $2.1 million has been reached and all mission grants selected by the national convention can be funded. Our Mites collected here at Trinity help fund these grants.

Our MN North mission grant goal for 2020-2022 is $140,500. This goal is set to fund twelve grants and I encourage all to keep those MITES coming.

An upcoming opportunity we have for missions is donating items to “Gifts From the Heart”. Items can be collected and taken to the national convention of the LWML, which will be held in Lexington, KY in June of this year. We have four ladies attending the convention this year: Janice Hinders, Linda Raddatz, Marlyce Thompson and Betty Reinke. Marlyce and Betty will also be participating in the MITE Walk. If you would like to support this effort, please contact either one of us.

Although our activities here at church have been slowed down because of the Corona Virus, some ladies have remained busy. Our quilters are still active. Both Marion and Elda have remained busy with their projects – – Marion with pillow case dresses and Elda with crocheting caps. Betty has been collecting the plastic bags and getting them ready for others to make the sleeping mats. As we continue to bring the plastic bags to Church, please have clean bags without holes. No bread bags and no zip-lock bags, please. We can only use those shopping bags like we get at Hartman’s, Berens’, Running’s, Dollar General, etc. That size and style work best and they will make for consistent loops.

An upcoming event for our ladies is hosting the Confirmand/Graduate Recognition Brunch to be held on April 18th. Please check with your Anna or Sarah Circles where they need some assistance. We will have COVID-19 safeguards in place. We are asking for those who would like to attend, besides the families of students being recognized, to please sign up on a sheet in the education wing.

We pray for God’s direction as we move forward into 2021. God bless and have a Blessed Easter. HE IS RISEN!!

Betty Reinke
Pres. Women of Trinity